Intuitive Blending: Making Your Own Personal Essential Oil Blend

Written by Pam Paulick

Have you ever opened an oil bottle and felt like that blend was made specifically for you?  Like you wanted to jump right into the bottle and live in it forever?  I know this has happened to me, but I’m also amazed that my “jump in the bottle” oils change over time.  Sometimes I open an oil that I haven’t in a while and think oh my goodness has it ALWAYS smelled this good?!?!?  Our needs are constantly changing based on whichever layers we happen to be peeling back at the time – spiritual, emotional, or physical.  Believe it or not, you know best what you need, so when your nose says dive in, go for it!

There is a hugely intuitive element to using essential oils!  If you’ve been oiling for any length of time at all, you’ve probably already discovered this.  Every body is different, so each oil will affect each body a little differently.  If you ask five different people which is their favorite oil to diffuse at bedtime, for example, you may get five different answers.  Tuning into your body will go a long way in helping you use your oils to the fullest, and finding what works for you.

I recently learned of a method suggested by Gary Young for how to make your own personal essential oil blend using your intuition.  You’ll be able to make a blend just for you, based on what you need at the time, with whatever oils you have on hand.  This process could be used to choose oils for just about any purpose.

Before you start, you will need to grab a pad of paper, a pen, and a small empty dark glass bottle for your new blend to live in (like a 5/8 dram, an empty 5 ml bottle, or a tiny dropper bottle).  Find a quiet place and time to do this, as you’ll need to be able to be still and listen (in other words, nap time or after the kids are in bed for the night).

16058775552_a005920cc5_oIt’s time to round up your oils.  For me, I think that’s the most overwhelming part of this whole process, since I have oils stations all over my house.  You only need one bottle of each kind, so no need to grab all 4 of your lemon oil bottles.  Don’t worry if you miss a few either.  Just assume you missed them because they weren’t needed for this particular blend.  However, if at any time during the subsequent steps of this process you get this persistent nagging feeling that your Sensation oil is calling you from it’s forgotten place in your nightstand, pay attention!  That’s your intuition trying to tell you that this oil needs to be included, so go and grab it.

Next, line ’em up – in no particular order.  You want them in somewhat of a row so you can work your way from one to the next with your eyes closed, but you don’t need to know what they are.  Actually it’s probably better if you face the labels away from you!

Now the fun begins!  Starting at one end of your row of oils, close your eyes.  Forget about which oil you’re picking up, and just focus on listening.  Pick up the first oil with both hands, and hold it close to your heart.  Do you hear/feel a “yes” or a “no” about this particular oil?  It doesn’t matter which oil it is, you’re just listening for a “yes/no”.  If it’s a “yes” put it back down on the counter in front of your row of oils.  If it’s a “no”, put it toward the back of the counter behind the row of oils.  Move on to the next oil and repeat.  Keep your eyes closed throughout this entire process.

After you’ve sorted all the oils into a “yes” row and a “no” row, grab your paper and pen and go back to your first “yes” oil.  Once again close your eyes, pick it up with both hands, and bring it to your heart.  This time, you are trying to find out how much of each oil will go into your blend.  You are listening for a number, and this will be the number of drops of this oil you will eventually add to your blend.  Jot this number down on your paper.  Again, no need to pay attention to which oil it is at this point.  Just jot the numbers down in order and move along down the row so you don’t disrupt your groove.

Once you’re finished jotting down numbers for each “yes” oil, it’s time to blend!  Just go down the row and add your determined amount of each “yes” oil.  Now you can also add the oil name to your list of numbers in case you fall in love and want to recreate the blend later.  You can always add a roller or dilute with olive oil or V6 if you feel called to do so.  There are no rules here!

On a day to day basis, I generally apply oils when I get out of the shower in the morning.  I spend a little time choosing them intuitively, just by closing my eyes and being intentional about listening.  Inevitably, oil names pop into my head and I go with it.  This is a much more simplified version when you aren’t looking to make a blend, but just for what to apply.  During this time my focus is more on the spiritual and emotional aspects, and those are almost always the type of oils and blends that come up.

It takes a little while to feel confident (and not awkward) with a process like this, because it’s so different from what we are used to.  In our society, we’re used to letting people telling us what’s good for us, but who knows you better than you?  Follow your instincts.  You’re listening to that still, small voice, and it won’t guide you wrong.


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Natural Dish Detergent: Thieves Dish Soap

Written By Pam Paulick

You’ve been wondering about the new Thieves Dish Soap, right?  “Hmmm, I’d like to order it, but does it actually work?  No I mean does it REALLY work?  I’ve tried other natural dish soaps before, so I’m skeptical.”

Well, seeing as my dishwasher has been broken for almost 3 wks now (the frustrations of dealing with it requiring massive amounts of Stress Away Essential Oil, another story by itself), I’ve had a really good chance to give the new dish soap a solid test run, and I’m happy to share my results.

We use our dishwasher daily.  Between the sheer number of dishes our family of 4 goes through, to the sanitizing requirements of baby bottles and the Mason jars used to transport milk directly from the dairy farm to our fridge, it’s a necessity.  Stuff needs to be sparkling clean around here!  You can imagine my distress when my right hand man, the dishwasher, decided to take a leave of absence.  20461885435_79cb48c7cc_o

Enter Thieves Dish Soap.  Wouldn’t you know that this little bottle of wonder flew in with it’s SuperSoap cape flying in the wind and landed on my doorstep the same weekend the dishwasher  stopped working.  It’s almost as if the timing of the dishwasher’s demise was by design, not default.  When you have to wash EVERY dish by hand, you need a super hero soap!

So, have my dishes been sanitized-in-the-dishwasher clean?  Do they sparkle and shine like a new car on a sunny day?  Yep, you bet!  What I’ve found is that this natural soap, unlike other naturals I’ve used before, doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue, nor does it require tons of extra scrubbing power.  The dishes come out clean and clear.

I would compare it to the working power of regular dish soap, minus the massive suds.  While this soap makes lots of suds initially, the suds don’t hang around forever.  This seems to be a tough sell for some, but in reality, it’s a trade off you make when you want natural.  Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates are the chemicals in dish soaps that make them sudsy, and they’re chemicals many are trying to avoid.  If you want more suds, you can always add more soap, although it’s certainly not necessary.  This stuff works just like the concentrated soaps – a little goes a really long way – which also makes it an economical choice!  Save even more money on this product by ordering it as a wholesale member through the Essential Rewards program. 

In addition to being free of SLS/SLES, Thieves Dish Soap ingredient list also leaves out any dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates and synthetic perfumes, which are common ingredients in your typical dish soap.  People are becoming increasingly aware of what can happen when we are repeatedly exposed to these chemicals over long periods of time, and more and more are trying to avoid them altogether in their household products.

Plus, after 3 weeks of washing dishes by hand, I cannot overlook the benefit of enjoying aromatherapy while I wash my dishes.  With a combination of Jade Lemon, Bergamot, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Rosemary essential oils, it smells amazing!  You can enjoy the smell of “clean” without the headache-inducing artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals.

My review:  Thieves Dish Soap is an incredibly effective product with the added benefit of being completely safe for my family!

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Essential Oil Rainbow for Labor & Delivery

Written by Pam Paulick

I was really motivated to use as many oils as I could if it had potential to make the labor and birthing process easier.  Doesn’t every pregnant gal wish for that?  I did Hypnobirthing, which involves listening to a Rainbow Relaxation track in preparation for (and during) the birth.  I thought a rainbow would be a great way to organize the list of essential oils that I had with me during labor & delivery with the birth of my son.  My sister and my doula did a wonderful job making sure I got my oils.  I highly recommend assigning the “oil application” job to someone on your birthing team, as there is no way you’ll have the brain space to think about it yourself in the moment!

In hindsight, the very favorites that I remember were the Aroma Siez for general muscle and back comfort and relaxation, NingXia Red for energy, and Brain Power to keep my head in the game.  I definitely could have used more Brain Power, as I felt that I lost my calm focus a bit once I moved from home to the hospital and was subjected to more poking and prodding.  Before and after birth, the ClaraDerm spray was invaluable!  I just sprayed it on every time I used the bathroom.


Brain Power (Red)

  • 1-2 drops on neck, throat, temples and/or under nose or 1-2 drops inside mouth/cheeks to support focus and mental presence

Myrrh (Orange)

  • Apply to abdomen after delivery to support the normal post-birth process

Fennel (Yellow)

  • Apply 1-2 drops of either or both on vita flex points on feet to keep things moving along

Gentle Baby (Green)

  • Diffuse and/or apply to ankles, Vita Flex points and hands when labor starts to support a relaxed mindset

AromaSiez or PanAway (Blue)

  • Rub on lower back and abdomen for for comfort and relaxation 

Valor and/or Lavender (Purple)

  • Apply Valor to wrists, chest, back of neck, bottoms of feet for courage and emotional balance
  • Apply Lavender to chest, back of neck, base of spine during transition

NingXia Red

  • 1 packet as desired during labor for energy support (I used 1/hr)

Claraderm Spray

  • Spray on perineum area after using the bathroom 3 x daily beginning a couple months prior to my due date and then through recovery weeks




  • Favorite quote I’ve ever heard about Frankincense “If it’s good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for my babies!”
  • Very gentle and a great option for baby’s first oil
  • Dilute as desired and apply to feet, crown and umbilical cord stump daily

There are many resources available to use essential oils safely throughout pregnancy. labor and with a new baby.  The most important thing is to have the safest and highest quality essential oils, use common sense, listen to your body, and make certain your information is from a trusted resource.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to prescribe, treat, diagnose or prevent any kind of illness or replace the care of a health professional.

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My Baby’s First 4 Weeks With Essential Oils

Written by Pam Paulick, MN

Both of my children are “oiler babies”.  Essential oils were not entirely new to either of them at birth since I use oils as part of my daily routine, including throughout my pregnancy.

Interestingly, I’ve taken a different approach with my son than I did with my daughter (now 3 years old).  As I’ve continued to share essential oils with more and more people, I’m frequently approached by moms who are new to oils, and nervous about using certain oils on their infants.  While I comfortably and successfully used the traditional oils like Thieves, DiGize, RC and Peppermint (all diluted at least 30:1 to start) early on with my daughter, I wanted to explore some of the other less known options so that I could share my experiences with those too.  What I’ve discovered is that there are other equally effective options that don’t contain oils like peppermint and eucalyptus, which some experts have raised concerns about.  (Click the link to visit our Safety & Precautions page for more information about that.)

The first oil my son experienced within hours of birth was Frankincense.  Frankincense with ResinI took a drop in my hands, and put some on his head, spine and feet, as Frankincense is supportive to the immune system.  We also put a drop on his umbilical cord a couple times per day with diaper changes, since it’s also supportive for the skin. I used Valor oil on my abdomen for that oh-so-fun cramping that comes with nursing, so he received some of that oil by inhalation as well, before we ever left the hospital.  Valor is also emotionally balancing and confidence boosting – ideal when you’re new to the world, or dealing with the normal post-partum ups and downs from those crazy hormones.  The nurses and staff said we had the best smelling room in the building.

Just like most new babies, getting used to the new physical feelings that came along with normal digestion in the outside world caused my son to get a little fussy now and then.  I made a mix of one drop each of Copaiba, Lavender and DiGize with about 30 drops of olive oil (for storing these “baby blends”, I ordered these tiny glass bottles).  I’d rub a drop from this mixture on his tummy, and another drop on the bottoms of his feet as needed.

Sleep is a precious thing, for both new babies and moms and essential oils can support restful sleep for both!  I’ve been diffusing oils on my nightstand for a couple years, but when we brought the new baby in I started by just putting a single drop of lavender into the diffuser so it wouldn’t be overwhelming.

I think most new babies experience occasional stuffy noses from all the new things they are breathing in, like laundry detergents or the fuzz from all those wonderfully soft blankets.  This becomes especially challenging at night when they are laying down and trying to sleep.  My favorite oils for applying to Reece’s chest and feet were Idaho Blue Spruce or Myrtle.  I would also add a drop of either of those, or a drop of RC to the diffuser.  I would often add another drop to the diffuser in the middle of the night during one of his feedings, as well as reapplying oils to his chest and feet.

Regular baths with KidScents shampoo has provided a gentle way to keep him clean, and TenderTush or Animal Scents Ointment has been helpful in maintaining healthy skin under his diaper.

As a brand new mom, the health and safety of that tiny bundle of joy is top priority.  As careful as we are about what we put on and in our pregnant bodies, there’s a certain level of protection that has disappeared once our babies are on the outside.  I’m relieved to have a safe, natural, toxin-free alternative that I can start using from birth.

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After School Stress

Written by Heather Steiner, MN

Peace & Calming BlogI have four children, aged 5, 8, 9 and 10, so when I say that using Peace and Calming during the school/home transition time changed my life, I mean it.

I have always been a very orderly person. I like schedules, routines and rules. And my children understand what is expected of them.  But that after school transition time was the bane of my existence.  I wanted them to come home, put away their things, and start on their homework with minimal complaints while I washed their lunch dishes and started dinner, but that rarely happened.  Instead, they came in the door whining, threw their backpacks on the kitchen floor (where I would proceed to trip over them while making dinner) and very begrudgingly begin their homework amidst tears and cries of “why do I have to?” It was not a good start to the evening.

I tried putting Peace and Calming in the diffuser one afternoon about 15 minutes before my kids were due home and I just let it run until the homework hour was over.  I thought it was a fluke.  The kids came in and immediately asked what the smell was.  After I explained to them, and my eight-year-old stuck his face right over the diffuser and breathed a huge sigh of relief, they calmly put away their backpacks, emptied their lunch boxes and began their homework.  I continued this routine for the remainder of the school year, and the few times that I forgot to put in the Peace and Calming, things were difficult.

I’m not sure if the Peace and Calming was keeping me calm so that I could be a more effective parent or if it was keeping my children calm so that they could be good listeners.  I suspect it was a little bit of both.  Either way, I know we’ll be starting the school year with Peace and Calming in our diffuser.