Essential Oils 101

Essential oils are distilled from plants, and  act by working with the body to support it’s normal, healthy function.  As a general rule of thumb, there are three main methods to using essential oils – inhalation, topical application, and ingestion.  Method of use will vary by which essential oil is being used, as well as by the individual using them.  (Click here for some examples of essential oils and how to use them.)



Rose Home DiffuserThis is the type of application most people think of when they think of essential oils – inhalation or “aromatherapy” –  a relaxing scent in a spa far away from our everyday life.  We can have both emotional and physical responses to oils by breathing them in due to their tiny molecule size and volatile ( easily evaporating) nature.  When we breathe the oil molecules into our nasal cavity, they are absorbed into our body, and into the limbic region of the brain, the center of our emotions.  That makes the inhalation method very popular for emotional health and relief from mild everyday stresses.  You can use this method by opening the bottle and breathing it in, applying it to your hands and cupping them over your nose, or by placing some oil on your chest, under your nose, or even on a scarf or in a diffuser necklace.  One way to benefit every family member from the humans to the animals is to use a diffuser in your home.  One of the Scentsible Oiler favorites is the Young Living Home Diffuser, pictured here, which comes with the Premium Starter Kit.  You put distilled water and 1-8 drops of essential oil in (based on type of oil, room size and preference) and everyone benefits!  This method is also great for supporting the immune and respiratory systems.


Topical Application

Young Living Catalog Shoot 3/2009Our skin is made up of lipids, and essential oils are lipid soluble, which makes us capable of absorbing them into our body through application to the skin.  This is a popular method for targeting specific areas of the body.  For example, you might apply an oil to the stomach area to support healthy digestion.  Whether or not an oil needs to be diluted depends on user preference and level of sensitivity.  The label on each bottle gives recommended dilution ratios.  For example, the label on PanAway essential oil recommends a dilution of 1:4, which means 1 drop of essential oil to 4 drops of a carrier oil like YL V6 or organic olive oil.  This is a great way to start, but you can dilute more or less as you discover your ideal amount.  Start with the least amount of oil necessary to do the job because you can always add more oil if needed!  In cases of children, pets, people with sensitivities or a high level of toxins in the body, more dilution may be required.   It’s helpful to purchase a dark glass dropper bottle for dispensing the correct number of drops you need of carrier oil, and some small dark glass mixing bottles for pre-diluting oils.  You can also purchase roller fitments from YL, which can turn any bottle of oil into a roll-on oil for easy application.  When applying topically you want to avoid the eyes and ears, and use extra caution with sensitive areas.  If you get oil where you don’t want it, or find you have a sensitivity to an oil after application, do NOT flush with water, add more of your carrier oil.



Young Living Oils have been used safely and effectively with ingestion for years due to their high quality and purity.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about ingestion of oils, so you do need to be informed and use common sense when it comes to this mode of use.  The key with ingestion of YL oils is to follow the guidelines on the bottle and again, use the least amount of oil needed by your body to help do the job.  Oils can be enjoyed in water, as flavoring in foods, directly from the bottle, or in capsules, depending on your preference and the flavor of the oil.  Sometimes the reason for ingestion is for flavor and enjoyment, but it may also be used in as part of a wellness regimen.




For some examples of how to use the Everyday Oils in the Premium Starter Kit, visit this page.


For more information or to order the Young Living products mentioned on this page please contact the Scentsible Oiler who referred you here or contact our team using the form below: 


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