Essential Oil Rainbow for Labor & Delivery

Written by Pam Paulick

I was really motivated to use as many oils as I could if it had potential to make the labor and birthing process easier.  Doesn’t every pregnant gal wish for that?  I did Hypnobirthing, which involves listening to a Rainbow Relaxation track in preparation for (and during) the birth.  I thought a rainbow would be a great way to organize the list of essential oils that I had with me during labor & delivery with the birth of my son.  My sister and my doula did a wonderful job making sure I got my oils.  I highly recommend assigning the “oil application” job to someone on your birthing team, as there is no way you’ll have the brain space to think about it yourself in the moment!

In hindsight, the very favorites that I remember were the Aroma Siez for general muscle and back comfort and relaxation, NingXia Red for energy, and Brain Power to keep my head in the game.  I definitely could have used more Brain Power, as I felt that I lost my calm focus a bit once I moved from home to the hospital and was subjected to more poking and prodding.  Before and after birth, the ClaraDerm spray was invaluable!  I just sprayed it on every time I used the bathroom.


Brain Power (Red)

  • 1-2 drops on neck, throat, temples and/or under nose or 1-2 drops inside mouth/cheeks to support focus and mental presence

Myrrh (Orange)

  • Apply to abdomen after delivery to support the normal post-birth process

Fennel (Yellow)

  • Apply 1-2 drops of either or both on vita flex points on feet to keep things moving along

Gentle Baby (Green)

  • Diffuse and/or apply to ankles, Vita Flex points and hands when labor starts to support a relaxed mindset

AromaSiez or PanAway (Blue)

  • Rub on lower back and abdomen for for comfort and relaxation 

Valor and/or Lavender (Purple)

  • Apply Valor to wrists, chest, back of neck, bottoms of feet for courage and emotional balance
  • Apply Lavender to chest, back of neck, base of spine during transition

NingXia Red

  • 1 packet as desired during labor for energy support (I used 1/hr)

Claraderm Spray

  • Spray on perineum area after using the bathroom 3 x daily beginning a couple months prior to my due date and then through recovery weeks




  • Favorite quote I’ve ever heard about Frankincense “If it’s good enough for baby Jesus, it’s good enough for my babies!”
  • Very gentle and a great option for baby’s first oil
  • Dilute as desired and apply to feet, crown and umbilical cord stump daily

There are many resources available to use essential oils safely throughout pregnancy. labor and with a new baby.  The most important thing is to have the safest and highest quality essential oils, use common sense, listen to your body, and make certain your information is from a trusted resource.

This information is for educational purposes only and is not meant to prescribe, treat, diagnose or prevent any kind of illness or replace the care of a health professional.

To learn more about the essential oils mentioned here, contact the Scentsible Oiler who referred you to this page, or

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