Natural Dish Detergent: Thieves Dish Soap

Written By Pam Paulick

You’ve been wondering about the new Thieves Dish Soap, right?  “Hmmm, I’d like to order it, but does it actually work?  No I mean does it REALLY work?  I’ve tried other natural dish soaps before, so I’m skeptical.”

Well, seeing as my dishwasher has been broken for almost 3 wks now (the frustrations of dealing with it requiring massive amounts of Stress Away Essential Oil, another story by itself), I’ve had a really good chance to give the new dish soap a solid test run, and I’m happy to share my results.

We use our dishwasher daily.  Between the sheer number of dishes our family of 4 goes through, to the sanitizing requirements of baby bottles and the Mason jars used to transport milk directly from the dairy farm to our fridge, it’s a necessity.  Stuff needs to be sparkling clean around here!  You can imagine my distress when my right hand man, the dishwasher, decided to take a leave of absence.  20461885435_79cb48c7cc_o

Enter Thieves Dish Soap.  Wouldn’t you know that this little bottle of wonder flew in with it’s SuperSoap cape flying in the wind and landed on my doorstep the same weekend the dishwasher  stopped working.  It’s almost as if the timing of the dishwasher’s demise was by design, not default.  When you have to wash EVERY dish by hand, you need a super hero soap!

So, have my dishes been sanitized-in-the-dishwasher clean?  Do they sparkle and shine like a new car on a sunny day?  Yep, you bet!  What I’ve found is that this natural soap, unlike other naturals I’ve used before, doesn’t leave behind a greasy residue, nor does it require tons of extra scrubbing power.  The dishes come out clean and clear.

I would compare it to the working power of regular dish soap, minus the massive suds.  While this soap makes lots of suds initially, the suds don’t hang around forever.  This seems to be a tough sell for some, but in reality, it’s a trade off you make when you want natural.  Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfates are the chemicals in dish soaps that make them sudsy, and they’re chemicals many are trying to avoid.  If you want more suds, you can always add more soap, although it’s certainly not necessary.  This stuff works just like the concentrated soaps – a little goes a really long way – which also makes it an economical choice!  Save even more money on this product by ordering it as a wholesale member through the Essential Rewards program. 

In addition to being free of SLS/SLES, Thieves Dish Soap ingredient list also leaves out any dyes, formaldehyde, phosphates and synthetic perfumes, which are common ingredients in your typical dish soap.  People are becoming increasingly aware of what can happen when we are repeatedly exposed to these chemicals over long periods of time, and more and more are trying to avoid them altogether in their household products.

Plus, after 3 weeks of washing dishes by hand, I cannot overlook the benefit of enjoying aromatherapy while I wash my dishes.  With a combination of Jade Lemon, Bergamot, Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Rosemary essential oils, it smells amazing!  You can enjoy the smell of “clean” without the headache-inducing artificial fragrances and harsh chemicals.

My review:  Thieves Dish Soap is an incredibly effective product with the added benefit of being completely safe for my family!

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2 thoughts on “Natural Dish Detergent: Thieves Dish Soap

  1. Thanks for the story. I would like to also offer, the Thieves Laundry soap is also a wonder to behold! I have a senior in high school that plays football and my husband is a coach, referres and plays soccer, so sweaty, stinky and mud and grass stained clothes are the thorn in my side! I have, in an effort to really clean up and deodorize their clothes without stinking up everything else, used heavy duty commercial soaps but they absolutely do not hold a candle to what a small amount of Thieves does. Without fail the stains are gone and everything smells clean and fresh. This is now and always will be on my Essential Rewards order!


  2. I’ve also noticed that those annoying sticky labels on jars and containers come off very easily when soaked in some water with the Thieves dishwashing soap….probably because of the lemon oil which I often use to remove stickers and labels.


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