Intuitive Blending: Making Your Own Personal Essential Oil Blend

Written by Pam Paulick

Have you ever opened an oil bottle and felt like that blend was made specifically for you?  Like you wanted to jump right into the bottle and live in it forever?  I know this has happened to me, but I’m also amazed that my “jump in the bottle” oils change over time.  Sometimes I open an oil that I haven’t in a while and think oh my goodness has it ALWAYS smelled this good?!?!?  Our needs are constantly changing based on whichever layers we happen to be peeling back at the time – spiritual, emotional, or physical.  Believe it or not, you know best what you need, so when your nose says dive in, go for it!

There is a hugely intuitive element to using essential oils!  If you’ve been oiling for any length of time at all, you’ve probably already discovered this.  Every body is different, so each oil will affect each body a little differently.  If you ask five different people which is their favorite oil to diffuse at bedtime, for example, you may get five different answers.  Tuning into your body will go a long way in helping you use your oils to the fullest, and finding what works for you.

I recently learned of a method suggested by Gary Young for how to make your own personal essential oil blend using your intuition.  You’ll be able to make a blend just for you, based on what you need at the time, with whatever oils you have on hand.  This process could be used to choose oils for just about any purpose.

Before you start, you will need to grab a pad of paper, a pen, and a small empty dark glass bottle for your new blend to live in (like a 5/8 dram, an empty 5 ml bottle, or a tiny dropper bottle).  Find a quiet place and time to do this, as you’ll need to be able to be still and listen (in other words, nap time or after the kids are in bed for the night).

16058775552_a005920cc5_oIt’s time to round up your oils.  For me, I think that’s the most overwhelming part of this whole process, since I have oils stations all over my house.  You only need one bottle of each kind, so no need to grab all 4 of your lemon oil bottles.  Don’t worry if you miss a few either.  Just assume you missed them because they weren’t needed for this particular blend.  However, if at any time during the subsequent steps of this process you get this persistent nagging feeling that your Sensation oil is calling you from it’s forgotten place in your nightstand, pay attention!  That’s your intuition trying to tell you that this oil needs to be included, so go and grab it.

Next, line ’em up – in no particular order.  You want them in somewhat of a row so you can work your way from one to the next with your eyes closed, but you don’t need to know what they are.  Actually it’s probably better if you face the labels away from you!

Now the fun begins!  Starting at one end of your row of oils, close your eyes.  Forget about which oil you’re picking up, and just focus on listening.  Pick up the first oil with both hands, and hold it close to your heart.  Do you hear/feel a “yes” or a “no” about this particular oil?  It doesn’t matter which oil it is, you’re just listening for a “yes/no”.  If it’s a “yes” put it back down on the counter in front of your row of oils.  If it’s a “no”, put it toward the back of the counter behind the row of oils.  Move on to the next oil and repeat.  Keep your eyes closed throughout this entire process.

After you’ve sorted all the oils into a “yes” row and a “no” row, grab your paper and pen and go back to your first “yes” oil.  Once again close your eyes, pick it up with both hands, and bring it to your heart.  This time, you are trying to find out how much of each oil will go into your blend.  You are listening for a number, and this will be the number of drops of this oil you will eventually add to your blend.  Jot this number down on your paper.  Again, no need to pay attention to which oil it is at this point.  Just jot the numbers down in order and move along down the row so you don’t disrupt your groove.

Once you’re finished jotting down numbers for each “yes” oil, it’s time to blend!  Just go down the row and add your determined amount of each “yes” oil.  Now you can also add the oil name to your list of numbers in case you fall in love and want to recreate the blend later.  You can always add a roller or dilute with olive oil or V6 if you feel called to do so.  There are no rules here!

On a day to day basis, I generally apply oils when I get out of the shower in the morning.  I spend a little time choosing them intuitively, just by closing my eyes and being intentional about listening.  Inevitably, oil names pop into my head and I go with it.  This is a much more simplified version when you aren’t looking to make a blend, but just for what to apply.  During this time my focus is more on the spiritual and emotional aspects, and those are almost always the type of oils and blends that come up.

It takes a little while to feel confident (and not awkward) with a process like this, because it’s so different from what we are used to.  In our society, we’re used to letting people telling us what’s good for us, but who knows you better than you?  Follow your instincts.  You’re listening to that still, small voice, and it won’t guide you wrong.


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