Citrus Fresh for Waking Up…And Going to Sleep?

Written by Heather Steiner, MN

This time of year I have to practically drag my four kids out of bed in the morning.  It’s cold, it’s dark, and frankly, I feel the same way about getting  up on days like that!  But, I recently tried beginning the day with Citrus Fresh in the diffuser and it’s made a real difference.

I usually get up about an hour before my kids so that I can pack their lunches, begin breakfast and just have a few uninterrupted minutes before the chaos ensues.  So, I started running the diffuser on my kitchen counter with three drops of Citrus Fresh and then going about my day.  I’ve found that I perk-up faster on these days, even when I haven’t had my usual cup of tea.

Best of all, if I open my kids’ door a few minutes before waking them, and let the scent permeate their rooms, they are MUCH easier to get out of bed, and the breakfast table is a happier place too!

3481279576_54f10d7411_zMy kids love to go through my oils.  They love to take them each out of a case I keep on the kitchen counter, smelling them one by one, and comment on how each of them makes them feel.  I love to take note of how spot on my five-year-old, who can’t read yet, often is in his assessment of each oil.  So imagine my surprise when he pulled out Citrus Fresh and promptly pronounced that made him feel ” sleepy”.  I told him he was being silly and he moved on.

But later that evening, before bed, he came back to me asking for Citrus Fresh to help him sleep.  I thought he was crazy!  “I can’t give you something like that.  It’s going to keep you awake!  How about some lavender?” But he didn’t want anything to do with it, and I sent him off to bed disappointed.

Out of curiosity, I decided to take a look at the information for Citrus Fresh.  It seems strange to think of using a blend that contains both citrus  oils and spearmint, which I tend to find invigorating, when it’s time to sleep. Sure enough, it’s description on the Young Living website said “Citrus Fresh™ is a relaxing, calming blend loved by children and adults alike”.   Citrus fresh could prove to be a great alternative to Lavender, Peace and Calming or Cedarwood for some kids.

The lights weren’t out in my son’s room yet, so I went in and gave him a drop of Citrus Fresh. He rubbed it all over his wrists, neck and chest, smiled at me and asked why I was giving it to him.  I told him that I had looked it up and he was right –  it could be a great oil for bedtime.  He just smiled at me, closed his eyes, and said, ” I told you so”.