How Can I Save More Money on my YL Products?

Written by Pam Paulick

You live on a budget.  Whether or not you actually HAVE a budget doesn’t change the fact that you still have to figure out how to spend less money than you have coming in, right?  You LOVE your oils, but if there was a more cost effective (but still budget friendly) way to order, would you be all over it?  Well, take it from those of us who are using YL stuff daily, there is a better way to order!  Enter: Essential Rewards.

Essential Rewards is an optional program designed to help YL wholesale members that order product regularly save money and offset expenses.  This is NOT one of those autoship programs where you end up with piles of product you don’t know what to do with and have to pawn off on the neighbors.  YOU have complete control over which products you receive, and there is no obligation whatsoever to stay on for a specific time frame.  The program offers a variety of perks to its members, and is the ultimate way to get the most “bang for your buck”.

  • Young Living sets up a product bank account for you where you accumulate dollars from every order and can redeem them for free products – Depending on how long you’ve been enrolled in the program, you’ll earn 10-20% of each monthly ER order in points toward free product (1st 6 mos earn 10%, 2nd 6 mos earn 15%, after a year in the program earn 20%).
  • YL pays for part of the shipping costs – The base shipping rate is less for ER members than for wholesale members placing regular orders because Young Living is subsidizing part of the cost for you.
  • Additional discounts on special product packages – There are special product kits put together by YL that only ER members have access to. Purchasing the products together in the kit offers a discount off of purchasing them individually.
  • Priority on product that may be about to go out of stock – Sometimes due to supply and demand, YL products go out of stock for a period of time because they will not compromise their product standards just to fill an order. If this happens, ER members get first priority on remaining product.
  • Customizable monthly orders – You can change the product you order each month, order the same ones, or select from a variety of product packages for ER members. There is a minimum order requirement of $50 PV (PV=product value) per month, but no maximum order.
  • Ship when and where you want to – You can choose and change your shipping date and address each month if you like! You just have to order at least once per calendar month.
  • No risk/commitment – You can enroll in the program anytime, and discontinue it anytime.  Just make sure you cash in your points in your product bank account before discontinuing the program!!!


Who may benefit from Essential Rewards?

This is a wonderful program for a variety of goals.  Whether you’re in search of “wellness, purpose, or abundance”, just looking for the best deal or have lofty goals for your family’s financial future, there are benefits to being a part of this program.  Here are some examples of people who have found it helpful and why!

  • Bargain Hunters: This program is for the ultimate coupon-clipper or dig-to-the-bottom-of-the-clearance-bin shopper.  It’s the best way to maximize your dollar with the additional discounts.  See above for all the perks of membership!
  • The Budgeter: Most families find it easier to dedicate a certain number of dollars per month toward YL products versus a large purchase every few months, especially when you’re ultimately getting product for less. Also, most products you purchase will be replacing the expense of purchasing something else.  For example, if you purchase the Thieves Household Cleaner (which can be diluted 100:1), you’ll find that each bottle of cleaner will actually cost less than the bottles of cleaner you normally purchase, natural or not.  Lots of people are making their own household soaps, lotions, deodorants, etc., for pennies on the dollar in comparison to what you spend on similar products at the store!
  • Wellness Seekers: If you’re serious about wellness, it’s going to take consistent product use over a period of time. Natural wellness takes a commitment due to the need to continually put more “good stuff” into our bodies than the “bad stuff” that we take in.  Maintaining health is really an investment, not an expense.  Desire will determine your results – do you want to test the waters or go all-in?  Make a 90 day commitment to take ownership of your top wellness concern.  Sit down with your upline and a Reference Guide and determine which products you will commit to ordering for the next 3 months to help tackle this issue.  They may be different products each month or the same.  Oh, and don’t forget to USE THEM once you have them!  These oil bottles may look pretty, but they do work best when you open the bottle.
  • Looking to “go natural”: Ready to purge your home of toxins? Time to carefully examine the labels on your personal care products, household cleaners, food, supplements, baby/children’s products and pet products.  If you’d like some help analyzing your labels, try downloading the “ThinkDirtyApp”.  It’s an app that allows you to scan your labels and rates the product for you, as well as providing you with information about potentially dangerous chemicals.  Going natural takes commitment, and you’ll need to reorder product, so ER just makes sense.  Remember that you’re replacing product – what you used to purchase at the store you’ll be purchasing from YL, so it’s not necessarily an additional expense!  One thing you’ll notice about YL products is that while they may seem more expensive, you often use far less than a comparable product (one bottle of Lavender Lotion actually lasted me a year and a half)!
  • People interested in having their product paid for: Would it be nice if you could purchase all the product your family needed each month, but then also received a check from YL that would cover the cost?  Yep, that’s essentially FREE product!  If this is something you’re interested in, commit to becoming a product of the product yourself ($100 PV monthly orders through ER) so you’re capable of sharing your results with others.  Set an example for your group by being on Essential Rewards and trying different products.  Some people make the mistake of trying to wait until they have enough people ordering in their downline to commit to ER themselves, and this simply does not work.  If you aren’t doing it, they won’t see why they should either!  Lead by example!  When people see your commitment and love for these products, they will trust and fall in love with the products too.
  • Those looking to build another income stream: There are many people who have built income streams for their families simply by sharing their love of Young Living with other people. In order to earn every dollar you’re eligible for under the YL compensation plan, you must be placing monthly orders through Essential Rewards of $100 PV or more. Those who have any experience with running a  business know that this is a TINY “cost of doing business” (and you’re getting product for the cost, not just putting it toward rent or utilities).  They say the true measure of a good product is whether or not you’d use if there was income attached or not, and Young Living is a product-first company.  Simply, they work!  People have achieved results big and small from the product, and that naturally leads to sharing it with others.  It’s very rewarding to see someone you care about achieve a health milestone they haven’t been able to find another answer for!   YL also rewards you generously for your referral – wouldn’t it be nice if your favorite restaurant or grocery store sent you a check for referring someone else?  If you’re interested in the financial abundance aspect of YL, the first step after wholesale membership is joining ER!


How do I join the Essential Rewards program?

It’s easy!  If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to become a wholesale member with Young Living.  See the Become a YL Member page of this site for more information.  Once you’re a member, all you need to do to join Essential Rewards is sign in to your YL Virtual Office (just visit the Young Living website and click “sign in”), then click “Start Essential Rewards” and you’ll be walked through the process.  Once you’ve selected an available processing date, make sure you set a reminder in your calendar to update your order each month.  You can update it as many times as you want until midnight on your processing day! If you have questions you can contact your enroller/sponsor, live help, or customer service for assistance.