Essential Oil Perfume

People love the idea of having perfume, but naturally minded people know that traditional perfume contains lots of things we really don’t want to be absorbing into our bodies.  Artificial fragrances have been linked to health concerns, which is one of the things that draws people to essential oils.  You can still have yummy smells in your home and on your body without the risks!

Here is a perfume recipe that our team used at the December 2015 Social in White Bear Lake, MN.


2 oz glass spray bottle (if the bottle isn’t dark, plan to store the bottle in a dark cupboard)

1/2 tsp organic, non-GMO vanilla

Essential oils of choice (base, middle and top notes, see step 1 below)

2 oz Spiced Rum (non-GMO)

tiny funnel


Step 1: Choose essential oils

Start by identifying oils in each category that you like, and then take the caps off your choices, hold them together in your hands about 1 ft away from your nose and smell the combo.  You may choose multiple oils in each category, but make sure your TOTAL number of drops for each sections is approximately as listed below for a balanced perfume.  There are many more options than those listed here – these are just ideas! Other than making sure you have the approximate amount of base, middle and top notes in your perfume, there really are no rules to finding your scent.  Keep in mind that combinations smell different than an oil does by itself, so just because you don’t like it alone doesn’t mean you won’t like it combined with other things.


Base Note                                   Middle Note                         Top Note______            

(6-10 total drops)                    (12-15 total drops)            (6-8 drops total)

Cedarwood                                Ylang Ylang                          Bergamot

Elemi                                          Geranium                             Orange

Ocotea                                        Lemongrass                          Lime

Frankincense                            Lavender                               Peppermint

Vetiver                                        Rose                                       Lavender

Sandalwood                               Clary Sage                             Neroli

Myrrh                                          Chamomile                           Jasmine



Step 2: Put essential oils into 2 oz glass perfume bottle.  Tip the essential oil bottle to the side and let the drops fall into the perfume bottles.  Give one final sniff to make sure you like your combo!

Step 3: Add a ½ tsp of vanilla to your bottle (use a tiny funnel).

Step 4: Fill the remainder of the jar with a natural spiced rum, which will be darker in color (nonGMO, no caramel color, artificial flavors, etc. added).  Although it’s tempting, you’re going to want to avoid cheap rum, because it contains many of the things you’re trying to avoid.  At the social we used Far North Spirits Alander Spiced Rum.  It is locally made, nonGMO, and gluten free (aka it is GOOD STUFF) and yes, technically, you COULD drink this perfume.  If you can’t find this particular kind in your area, try another local distiller!  The nice thing is you can call the company directly and ask what’s in their bottle.

Essential oil perfume does best when given a chance to “age” for a month or two, but you can certainly start using it right away if you’d rather!  I did.  🙂


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